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Above all, DJ Dancer loves to dance and understands the heart of the dancer...

An accomplished dancer himself, trained in ballroom dancing and theater arts DJ Dancer loves going to dance clubs to do freestyle and especially, the Hustle. His early years were spent at the Funhouse where his idol "Jellybean" Benitez mastered the art of the 12" mix and Madonna went undiscovered. Being a DJ in the seventies was a challenge. The technology of today wasn't available. Being a DJ then, took real skill. Other haunts at that time were, of course, Studio 54, Xenon, the Electric Circus and even the Galaxy.

DJ Dancer knows which songs are the best inspiration for the most popular club dances: freestyle, Hustle, Swing, Salsa, Cha Cha and Merengue. Perhaps it would be appropriate to add a few line dances, a Conga Line, a Polka or even a Waltz or two. Letís not forget the most important dance of all, the slow dance, the one dance everyone does and loves best. DJ Dancer has your most romantic favorites that will bring back memories or may create new ones.

Some DJs play only what the like, consider trendy or what they think will get them industry recognition. DJ Dancerís only focus is to be truly sensitive to you and your guests.  Creating an experience where everyone has a great time and completely enjoys himself or herself.

DJ Dancer is an upscale, waspy, baby boomer type who understands the musical tastes of his generation. This is important point to consider. I honestly would not be the best DJ for the younger crowd, doing a High School Prom, party or a sweet sixteen. Also, I am not a good choice for a group into Hip Hop, Rhythm and Blues, Rap or a bunch of slam dancing Heavy Metal fans. On the other hand, having roots in classical music, Smooth Jazz, Rock, Disco and Dance Music, I am best playing anything in the time line of starting with Big Bands going on to Sinatra, Fifties Swing, Elvis, Sixties Rock, the Disco Seventies and on up to the most recent, danceable hits of today like those heard on KTU. DJ Dancer is at his best mixing any kind of Dance Music, Freestyle, Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha, Hustle, Trance, Dirty Dancing and Slow Dance Ballads. I have a special fondness for Latin music and collection of almost one thousand songs. I also have an extensive collection of smooth Jazz, CD101.9 style, including artists like Diana Krall, Dave Koz and Michael Bolton for those intimate late night moments or some quiet ambiance for dinner. DJ Dancer has an extensive collection of strict time ballroom music for dancing the Jive, Waltz, Foxtrot, West Coast Swing, Rumba, Bolero and Quick Step.

DJ Dancer is a musician, playing both drums and keyboards to enhance the mix. He loves music and it has always be an important part of his life. In his teens he was in the drum line of a championship drum corps, The Islanders. Later he was a drummer in several rock and roll bands. He went on to teach himself keyboards. DJ Dancer works with electronic instruments of all types and brings the skills of a drummer and musician to the DJ role.

Being a dancer, musician, drummer, a true music lover, baby boomer, an electronics engineer with a background in lighting and a computer expert, DJ Dancer is unique is his field. All these talents are brought together to work for you to facilitate the most enjoyable event possible. There is nothing more satisfying than being a DJ and helping orchestrate magical moments that will live on as your fond memories.