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A little about the DJ Dancer's system...

Two Pentium laptops containing over two thousands songs, a special effects mixer, graphic equalizer, a five hundred watt sound system that is crystal clear at any level, a powerful sub woofer and professional wireless microphones. Theatrical lighting by Chauvet and the world leader, Martin. A proformance level electronic keyboard and an electronic drum pad. .

  • State of the art, all digital computer based DJ System that allows the DJ to concentrate on the audience and not be distracted by running the equipment.
  • The play list consists of over two thousand indexed, over sampled, digitally enhanced, CD quality songs, in MP3 format, stored on two identical Compaq Armada Pentium laptops running Mixmeister Pro and  Sonic Foundry's ACID. Any song can be retrieved instantly by title, artist, year, genre, style of dance or beats per minute so its easy to find the perfect choice or your request. Each song is checked and digitally enhanced using Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge. Even a moldy oldie will sound great on this system.
  • Being just a DJ is not enough. The keyboard and electronic drums adds the elements of a live performance to the mix. In addition to playing prerecorded music ripped from CDs, there are live performance components: A Korg Triton keyboard with thousands of real sampled sounds like piano, human voice, strings, special effects, etc. The keyboard is used to enhance the perforamnce which includes prerecorded music. The keyboard can be used to add special effects or layer the recorded music. A Roland Handsonic electonic drum kit with a vast array of percussion intrument built in is used for drum solos, mixing songs or adding a stronger beat to the recorded music. Sonic Foundry's ACID, a Loop Engine, used by most professional DJs to create the "house" mixes played on radio and major clubs, is used as a live performance tool to add arpeggios and drum riffs to the mix.
  • The equipment is completely redundant with power conditioning and a UPS. Nothing short of a complete loss of power will prevent your show from going on. You can be secure in the knowledge your special event will be a success.
  • The sound system is of the highest, professional quality with a vast array of special effects from a Korg Kaoss DJ Mixer, professional AKG wireless microphones and dual 500 watt Samson speakers. There is a 250 watt, dual, Sony sub-woofer for great bass response that you can really feel. However, DJ Dancer is always careful never play the music too loud. Also, every room is tuned and set up for the best acoustics.
  • DJ Dancer is a professional electronics engineer who designs, understands and maintains his own equipment. In addition he runs his own computer consulting firm so he is very comfortable with the new digital music domain.

DJ Dancer worked for the oldest lighting company in America, Kliegl Lighting, for ten years. He designed digital lighting systems used in Atlantic City at the Tropicana, Ballys, and Trump Casinos, on Broadway for many hit shows, the discotheque the Electric Circus and for the ABC News studios. DJ Dancer uses sophisticated, theatrical lighting techniques and not the typical club lighting used by most DJs.