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What is a Human Jukebox?



Actually, I owe the concept of the Human Jukebox to Camelot Sound, the site for DJs that want to do harmonic mixing. That's where you mix two songs together to create an entirely new melody the same way a musician mixs notes together in an individual song. Seamless beat mixing is getting a little tired. The novelty of dancing to one hour of uninterrupted music has worn off. The big trance clubs now use long pauses in the music or extended sections without a base line or a beat for effect. Being a DJ is much more than doing seamless mixes. Besides, the software I use, MixMeister Pro, does a great job of doing seamless mixes on its own. So, does that mean the computer is putting even a DJ out of business? I don't think so!


Being a great DJ is about the performance, musicality and the connection between the performer and the audience. The DJ system is only an instrument for the performer to work some magic on the souls in the audience. The collective mind of the audience determines the flow of the music through the DJ. Dancing, the music, the lights, the alcohol and being with your partner creates flashbacks to one of our most primitive instincts. In nature dancing in always a prelude to sex, the fusion with each other. You can't deny that fact. Dancing is sexy. There is always a hint, the promise or wish that comes from dancing. A DJ is not a mechanical device. This in one hot, juicy, thinking, feeling, intuitive and intimate area a machine or a jukebox well never master. That's the difference between being a DJ and a Human Jukebox.

If God is a DJ
If life is a dance floor
Love is the rhythm
You are the music

You get what you're given
It's all how you use it

Look for Nirvana
Under the strobe lights
Sequins and sex dreams
You whisper to me
there's no reason to cry

If God is a DJ...
if God...
Say if God is a DJ
if God...
Then life is a dance floor
Get your ass on the dance floor now!


As an afterthought, one day, out of sheer curiosity, I ran a search on the Web for the mythical 'Human Jukebox' and much to my surprise, I came up hundreds of hits. I was only interested in what others thought about the idea. Being a human jukebox seemed to be very popular. Not only that but there is a website...

...where the DJ spins records from inside a booth that looks like a Jukebox and actually calls himself The Human Jukebox. I guess, this completely turned the tables on the idea (no pun intended), taking what I see as a disadvantage and turning it into a proud banner.

Apparently, in the DJ world, the notion of being a human jukebox is OK, for some. I was besides myself. I don't know what to think. I would never compare myself Jellybean, Tiesto or DeVito to a machine or a jukebox. Nor, was it my intention to criticize anyone. I could not believe anyone would think about their role as an entertainer and musician, something so artistic, something that warms people's souls, inspires them to dance, in this way. Computers are great at math or Chess but fail miserably when dealing with subtleties of anything creative. Like the lyrics say,  maybe God is a DJ but God is not a machine! When we dance, sing, write or fall in love, we get a little closer to heaven and each other.