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Your concerns and wishes about your special event comes first. You are treated with the upmost professionalism and sensitivity...

Respect for the client’s wishes, even if you do not know exactly what you want, an experienced DJ understands you, the event, your guests, their age, the setting and a myriad of other subtle clues that come together to set the stage for a wonderful event with a touch of magic. A great DJ could be considered almost psychic, playing that special song at the perfect moment without being asked, intuitively sensing the moment. Nothing should ever be forced or seem out of place. A DJ has a vast resource to draw from, all original artists, as heard on the radio or CD, studio productions, special mixes, all exactly the way you are used to hearing your favorite music.

Your guest like to socialize, so the music should never be too loud. Some quiet moments should be provided. The secret is sensitivity and balance. Above all, the only concern is for everyone to have a fantastic time, enjoy the experience, relax, be at ease, create pleasant memories and really enjoy the time with your friends or loved ones.

Into the mix...

In addition to a digital DJ System he brings a performance quality electronic keyboard and electronic drums, each with thousands of rhythm patterns and realistic samples. The keyboard and electronic drums adds the elements of a live performance to the mix.

A Connection...

Whether it is playing the drums, keyboards or a song, the only thing that really matters is the charismatic connection between the musician and the audience. That connection, if heart felt, will create a wonderful and magical experience for everyone.