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There is so much involved in planning a wedding...


There are so many decisions to make. There is the location, the caterer, attire, decorations, entertainment and so on, Just take a moment and think back about all the weddings you attended. Pick the one where you had the best time. What do you remember the most about that evening? Was it the hall, the food, he bartender? I think you might see the point. What makes a great party? I believe the secret is mostly in the mix of your friends, an attractive setting and great entertainment.


Hiring a DJ or even a twelve-piece band may not provide much entertainment. Did you ever sit around at a wedding where no one danced? Even if you don't dance, you have to admit listing to good music and watching others dance is a pretty interesting show. A DJ should be much more than just a human jukebox.  


 Entertainment is an art that requires being able to relate to the audience and perform in a way that touches their souls. Loving what you do is a great start and doing it for the right reason helps. Be honest with yourself. When you watch a good show aren't the stars so natural, believable and completely immersed in their role? They draw you in and you forget about watching the show. You become part of the experience. That's the difference between a real DJ and a human jukebox.


A great DJ loves music,

loves a party and being a DJ.

A DJ's enthusiasm is contagious.


The beauty of being a DJ,

is you get to share

 the happiest moments

 of people's lives.


There is another important aspect to being a great DJ and being part of the "life of the party" in a sense. A DJ must be musical. The best DJs write their own songs, know the key of a song they are playing, its meter. The best DJs go on to become producers or produce their own CDs. Like a good drummer, a DJ just senses the right beat to connect with his audience. That connection, that interaction is what makes a musician great. Music is not about playing an instrument. Whether it is a DJ system, voice, keyboard or drums, they are just instruments that connect the performer with the audience in a magical way. The performer and the audience are in tune, on the same wavelength, having a fantastic time.


I know that the heart of entertainment is enjoying being a performer, completely understanding the craft and above all, making the connection. In some ways being a DJ is almost psychic. While based mostly on skill and experience sometimes you must rely on your creative side to find a way to make the audience move and find the groove.

 The first dance...


You probably have given some thought to your first dance. Have you decided on the music? Will the music consist of one song or a medley of songs? Have you thought about choreographing the dance, taking lessons and learning a routine?


So much thought goes into a wedding. Please don't overlook one of the most subtle and important aspects of your wedding. You are a star, the center of the universe for only a few moments, your walk down the aisle, taking your vows and your first dance. Your first dance can be a spectacular event everyone will remember.


Some couples just rock side to side out on the dance floor doing their usual slow dance for a few moments. How does that set the stage for the rest of the evening? Even the most radiant bride in the most fabulous gown won't make a spectacular impression on the dance floor this way.


A special mix of songs can be carefully produced to be played at your wedding for the first dance of the evening. You can then choreograph a beautiful routine to this soundtrack with the help of a profession instructor. You can be a spectacular as you wish given your talents. You can even have you bridal gown designed to be part of the show, transforming from one look to another during the dance. No matter what the level of your abilities are, a simple, elegant and memorable routine can be created and customized to your wishes.


 Being an accomplished ballroom dancer myself, I can recommend a great instructor and studio. We can create a soundtrack and transfer it to CD. You can practice with the CD at the studio and at home. The CD can become one of your momentos for the evening. Some people imagine ballroom dancing to be olf fashioned and stodgy. Not anymore, ballroom dancing today is extremely sexy, flashy, hot and very romantic. You might consider a dance exhibition with either single or multiple, professional couples. There is nothing like a dance exhibition by world class performers to entertain and inspire your guests to get out on the dance floor and strut their stuff. Later, the professional dance couples can stay on and dance with your guest adding a bit more class and excitement to the evening. You may even consider having your reception at a beautiful dance studio.