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A great party requires the best ingredients...


The most important ingredient, of course, is the people you invite. Next, there is the location. After these items you could consider the food, alcohol, decorations, MC, entertainment, etc. Think back about the last few parties you attended. Pick the one where you had  the best time. What do you remember the most about that evening? Was it the food? The bartender? I think you might see the point. What makes a great party? I believe the secret is in the mix of your friends, an attractive setting and great entertainment.


Hiring a DJ may not provide much entertainment. How many times did you sit around at a party where no one danced. Even if you don't dance, you have to admit listing to music and watching others dance is a pretty interesting show. A DJ should be much more than just a human jukebox. After all, if that was all a DJ is then you might be better off renting a real coin operated jukebox for your party.


There is a joke that goes something like, "Are you into music?" "Yeah! Sure! Absolutely." "Really, what do you play." "Errr... Ahh... Records."


Anyone can play records or should we say CDs, now. I bet you would be a pretty good DJ with the right equipment. Entertainment is an art that requires being able to relate to the audience and perform in a way that touches their souls. Loving what you do is a great start and doing it for the right reason helps. Be honest with yourself. When you watch a good show aren't the stars so natural, believable and completely immersed in their role? They draw you in and you forget about watching the show. You become part of the experience. That's the difference between a real DJ and a human jukebox. A great DJ must love music, love to party and being a DJ. A DJ's enthusiasm is contagious. The beauty of being a DJ, you get to share the happiest parts of peoples lives.


There is another important aspect to being a great DJ and being part of the "life of the party" in a sense. A DJ must be musical. The best DJs write their own songs, know the key of a song they are playing, its meter, go on to become producers and have their own hits. Like a good drummer, a DJ just senses the right beat to connect with a dancer. That connection, that interaction is what makes a musician great. Music is not about playing an instrument. Whether it is a DJ system, voice, keyboard or drums, they are just instruments that connect the performer with the audience in a magical way. The performer and the audience are in tune, on the same wavelength, having a fantastic time.


I know that is the heart of entertainment, enjoying be a performer, completely understanding the craft and above all, making the connection. In some ways being a DJ is almost psychic. While based mostly on skill and experience sometimes you must rely on your creative side to find a way to make the audience move and find the groove.