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MixMeister Pro

MixMeister Pro gives the serious music mixer and professional DJ unprecedented flexibility in both live and studio settings. MixMeister Pro adds support for simultaneous performing & previewing, automatic key detection, video mixing, loops, plug-in effects, intelligent file handling, webcasting updates, and much more.

MixMeister Pro has an easy-to-use graphical interface that lets you automate common tasks like transitions, volume adjustment and beat mixing, or apply a high degree of control over every aspect of your mix. You can easily define your own sound by applying third-party audio effects, and add a visual dimension to your mix by displaying full-motion, beat-matched video on a primary or secondary display. MixMeister Pro 5 also features advanced key detection technology, reverse play and other tricks to help you create the best-sounding mixes ever.

One of secrets to creating a great mix CD is getting the overlap between songs just right. MixMeister greatly simplifies this process by automatically calculating how to beat mix between songs. You can use the automatic settings as a starting point for your creation, or, if you're a more advanced user, you'll be able to add your own tweaks and touches. With MixMeister, itís easy to make a song slower or faster to achieve the tempo you want, without changing pitch. Trim long songs down to size or remix short songs to make them last longer.

Play a live mix while you preview and edit upcoming tracks.
Perform automated key detection, and mix tracks by key.
Display full-motion video on a primary or secondary monitor (Windows XP only).
Use third-party audio effects to process part of a track or the entire mix.
Use integrated CD burning to create a mix in less time than it takes to play it.
Keep your music catalog synchronized with hard drive directories.
Overlay samples such as sound effects and beat loops.
Enable one-click beat matching, or apply manual beat adjustments.
Make fast track adjustments using Ďsnap to beatí control.
Stretch the song to fit without distortion.  
Tweak the treble and bass as you mix.
Play any loop or track in reverse with one click.
Automatically update a webcast page with song info.