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Samson Music Speakers

The most comprehensive version of Expedition, the XP200 is a powered loudspeaker with a built-in 4-channel stereo mixer and digital effects processing. Designed as a completely portable, all-in-one PA system, the XP200 ideal for people who want superior audio anywhere they go. Whether you just want rugged and versatile loudspeaker enclosure that consistently deliver big sound, or a complete professional audio system in a highly mobile design perfect for today's fast-paced world, Expedition is the answer.  RCA inputs allow you to easily interface a CD, Mini Disk or Tape player. The digital processing section consists of six high-quality presets that range from a touch of room ambience to lush, reverberant halls. Versatile and easy to use, the mixer also lets you daisy-chain additional enclosures in stereo. The XP200 has a bi-amped power cell capable of producing up to 250 Watts RMS with an improved 12" Heavy-duty Celestioin LF Driver, 1" Titanium compression Driver, and Exclusive Celestion/Samson

The XP200's power module gives you three stages of speaker protection, including relay switching for power up and power down. The onboard limiter circuit ensures a clean output even when you push it to maximum sound pressure levels. Because of its perfectly matched amplifier and speakers, the XP200 is particularly effective as a powered monitor.

Sony Subwoofer

The SA-WX700 is a powered subwoofer that packs a Dual 10-inch driver respectively in a bass-reflex (vented) cabinet. An onboard amplifier delivers 250 watts of power to the driver. Supports both line-level and speaker-level inputs, as well as a line output for connection to additional subwoofers for even more bass. The crossover is variable from 50-200 Hz. This will help you match them to the bass characteristics of your main speakers. Also features a phase invert switch allowing you to correct any phase conflict that may occur between the sub and your satellite speakers.

Key Features

Highly Oriented Polyolefine (HOP)
A better material for better sound. The dynamic range of Dolby Digital sound tracks places stringent demands on the speakers that reproduce it. That's why Sony developed an exclusive loudspeaker cone material: Highly Oriented Polyolefine (HOP). It's extraordinarily strong, yet amazingly lightweight (up to 30 times more rigid, per unit weight, than polypropylene). You get dynamic sound with low distortion and extraordinary transient response. HOP cone material combines high strength, low weight and low resonance, resulting in improved transient response, higher power handling, and flatter frequency response.  

Matched Speakers
With the Dolby Digital system, the surround channels are reproduced in full stereo, with the same full frequency response and dynamic range as the front. That's why Sony builds receivers with just as much power to the surround channels as to the front. And that's why their speaker systems offer the same quality front and rear.        

Magnetic Shielding
Speakers placed too close to the TV can cause the pictures to bend and colors to bleed. That's why Sony bookshelf, floor-standing, front and center speakers all incorporate magnetic shielding. It cancels out magnetic fields and resulting interference. You can place the speakers anywhere - even directly beside your TV - without picture distortions and degradations.  

Advanced Super Active Woofer Design
It might be hidden from view, but an important element of today's best home theater systems is the subwoofer. It's a specialized speaker that handles only the deep bass. And it helps put the finishing touch on everything from explosions and car crashes to film scores and symphonies. At these low frequencies, bass appears to come from everywhere. This "omni-directional" characteristic lets you position a subwoofer anywhere in the listening room - and still get proper surround sound imaging. Sony subwoofers are "active", meaning they have built-in amplifiers for prodigious power. They also use Sony's proprietary SAW (Super Active Woofer) enclosure design, enabling them to provide deep, powerful bass from compact, space-efficient cabinets.